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Discover “Le Jardin de Vanessa”, a gourmet selection born essentially from Murcia.


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Miss Tonic SL

This is the beginning of the story with a specialisation in quality citrus fruits and close partnerships with specialists in extra quality fruit and vegetables.

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Veal carpaccio with organic arbequina sauce

Do you want a dish that is easy to prepare, but exquisite to the palate? We show you how to make a delicious carpaccio with one of the most tender parts of Veal, the sirloin, accompanied and enriched with Arbequina Bio "Le Jardin de Vanessa". This recipe is ideal to prepare for special occasions. A [...]

Scrambled eggs with foie gras and truffles

Scrambled eggs with foie and truffle! The tender potato, the foie with its intense flavor and that fat that envelops your mouth, flavored by the memories of earth that evokes the truffle and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Arbequina that combines beautifully with its floral bouquet. We leave you the steps to follow so [...]

Gaspacho “Verde”

It is a cold soup, made in the traditional way and with the best vegetables grown in Murcia. It is a filling, healthy and tasty dish, full of vitamins and nutrients, so perfect if you are on a diet. For a gourmet touch, add slices of cucumber and sweet onion with a spoonful of light [...]