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Premium MADAME & Octopus

Who does not like a good octopus as an appetizer? There are many ways to prepare it: boiled, roasted (as it is eaten in Murcia) ..... The important thing is to sprinkle it with a good Premium Organic Oil like MADAME, a premium quality Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the hojiblanca variety. We guarantee [...]

Premium MADAME & Summer Salad

This summer, eat foods that feel good, are light, nutritious and that you love. I suggest this colorful summer salad, just by looking at it, you want to try it don't you? Ingredients: Tomatoes Avocado dried fruits Fresh cheese Strawberries Lettuce Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Salt flakes Modena vinegar Preparation Add the ingredients [...]

Premium MADAME & Seafood Salad

It is simple and can be adapted to our liking. As an appetizer, it is very healthy. It is a very fresh alternative now that the good weather begins. It usually contains mussels, shrimp, cooked octopus legs, tomatoes, green peppers, spring onions, sherry vinegar, salt and Premium Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil MADAME. Tell me [...]

Gourmet Thyme Evoo & Artichoke flower

Gourmet Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Thyme brightens up any dish, especially one as beautiful as the artichoke flower. So simple that you don't need to add any more. Artichoke combines very well with thyme and if you also add pieces of Serrano ham, it will be delicious. Of course, you can prepare it [...]

Gourmet Rosemary Evoo & Roasted sweet potato hummus

Something healthy and delicious. To take with some carrot or bell pepper sticks. 📋Ingredients Sweet potato Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Gourmet with Rosemary Tahini (optional) Salt Pepper   🍷Preparation: We roast the sweet potatoes and garlic. We remove the skin from the sweet potatoes, peel the garlic and beat it with olive oil with [...]

Gourmet Truffle Evoo & Mashed Potatoes

📄INGREDIENTS :📄 - Potatoes - Cold butter - milk - Water with salt - Gourmet Olive Oil with Black Truffle 🍴PREPARATION:🍴 - Boil the potatoes for 30 minutes in salted water. - Peel and mash the potatoes. - Heat the mash for 5 minutes to remove the moisture. - Mix with the cold butter cubes [...]

Picual Bio & Tagliatelle with pesto sauce

Hello friends, we bring you a very quick, economical and delicious recipe of tagliatelle with pesto sauce and the aromatic touch of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Picual "Le Jardin de Vanessa" so you can eat any day as if you were in the best Italian restaurant in the world. 👌It is a very [...]

Picual Bio & Homemade cookies

💫🎄Christmas sweets are starting to fill our pantries and what better option than making them homemade with quality and healthy ingredients. 👩🍳So that you can go practicing and enjoying with the first sweets in these special dates, we leave you this delicious recipe of cookies with Christmas motifs with a mild flavor that combines the [...]

Arbequina Bio & Veal carpaccio

Do you want a dish that is easy to prepare, but exquisite to the palate? We show you how to make a delicious carpaccio with one of the most tender parts of Veal, the sirloin, accompanied and enriched with Arbequina Bio "Le Jardin de Vanessa". This recipe is ideal to prepare for special occasions. A [...]

Arbequina Bio for Cakes

We propose a very Christmasy homemade dessert recipe with which you will learn to make nothing more and nothing less than your own Christmas polvorones 🎄. The recipe is very easy to make, with few ingredients and also very healthy because the ingredients it carries are very natural and quality. The best of all is [...]

Picual Bio & Salad with salmon sashimi

A gastronomic concept coming from Japanese cuisine with salmon sashimi fused with Mediterranean cuisine in which our Picual Bio stands out. 👩🍳This dish is the best option to enjoy a different starter, original and with a gourmet touch that will stand out and surprise your family and friends. 〽️With very few but select ingredients, you [...]

Picual Bio & Seafood recipe

✨We are in the last week of the year and we would like to make it special with our touch “Le Jardin de Vanessa”, so we want to share with you a traditional but no less delicious starter for this New Year's Eve and it is the recipe of fresh seafood with Picual Bio. 🎄For [...]

Bouillabaisse Soup

Bouillabaisse-style soup: The tasty Marseille fish stew whose flavor has conquered the world. 〽️What started out as a humble dish from fishermen in the south of France who used fish discards to prepare bouillabaisse soup, has over time become one of the emblematic dishes of our neighboring country and beloved by the founder of “Le [...]

Arbequina Bio & Bean and baby spinach salad

This week we return with one of our healthy, light and full of nutrients recipes. 〽️A perfect combination between legumes, vegetables, fruit, and the potential of our Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil Arbequina. 〽️All the ingredients included in this recipe are from organic farming in our Region of Murcia and maximum quality due to the [...]

Ocal Selection with steamed veg’s

This week we have a very special recipe because it is accompanied by our Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Ocal Selection" which has unique characteristics: It has a golden color that will surprise you. The mouth is delicious with a touch of artichoke. A very powerful flavor with aromas of artichoke, asparagus and olives and its [...]

Picual Bio for Cream of cauliflower with braised ham

Good morning, we propose a very quick, economical, and delicious cauliflower recipe with the aromatic touch of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Picual "Le Jardin de Vanessa". Picual Bio offers a fresh and unique flavor with a delicious herbaceous aroma. In the mouth, we have an explosive taste at the beginning, and then elegance [...]

Especial Evoo & Baked asparagus

Asparagus are delicious and if you prepare them in the oven, their flavor is enhanced, and their crunchy texture is accompanied by a tender interior. Baking vegetables in the oven has a benefit since the crust of the product is sealed by the heat, which prevents the juice from releasing the nutrients and losing them, [...]

Arbequina Bio & Scrambled eggs with foie gras and truffles

Scrambled eggs with foie and truffle! The tender potato, the foie with its intense flavor and that fat that envelops your mouth, flavored by the memories of earth that evokes the truffle and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Arbequina that combines beautifully with its floral bouquet. We leave you the steps to follow so [...]

Ocal Selection & Salad

Today we are having a green salad The ingredients we have chosen make it very tasty: the unctuous avocado, the cucumber that refreshes, the cilantro flavors, the prawns that give that sea flavor and finally our Extra Virgin Olive oil  “Ocal Selection” ideal to accompany these flavors and enhance them. Write down what you need [...]

Picual Selection & Battered hake and baked peppers

Want to get a perfect batter? Follow these steps to prepare battered hake and baked peppers. Ingredients: 4 thin green peppers 4 hake fillets 2 eggs Flour Salt Picual Selection   Preparation of the peppers: First, we wash the peppers, add a little “Picual Selection” in a bowl and place them in this. Then we [...]

Premium MADAME & Green asperge

Summer is coming and it seems that lighter but tasty meals are in season. Today we have prepared some green asparagus al dente with a touch of red bell pepper that combine perfectly. Finally, we have seasoned it with “Madame “Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, coarse salt and pepper. The AOVE “Madame” has a balanced [...]

Premium MADAME & Grilled Peppers

📜INGREDIENTS:📜 - Red pepper - Tomatoes - Premium organic Evoo "Madame - Spices (according to taste) -  Salt PREPARATION: 🍽 - Wash the peppers whole and without pitting them, put them in the oven with the tomatoes. - Bake for one hour (we turn them halfway through) at 180º. - Take them out and put [...]

Picual Bio & Tomate Moza

Tomato, Mozarella and Picual Bio, the good one combinaison! You need simple, quick and healthy ideas to integrate into your daily diet with quality and satiety products that keep you going! This delicious combination is perfect, fresh and tasty. Organic picual extra virgin olive oil @le_jardin_de_vanessa is a very intense fruity oil that will spice [...]

Gaspacho Verde

It is a cold soup, made in the traditional way and with the best vegetables grown in Murcia. It is a filling, healthy and tasty dish, full of vitamins and nutrients, so perfect if you are on a diet. For a gourmet touch, add slices of cucumber and sweet onion with a spoonful of light [...]

Gaspacho Rojo

The gazpacho “Rojo” is a cold soup prepared with fresh products from Murcia. It is made from fresh tomato, cucumber, pepper, garlic, wine vinegar, salt and extra virgin olive oil @lejardindevanessa. It is a perfect and very healthy starter for summer meals. Taste and enjoy it. All the Spanish flavours in the same dish.

Gaspacho Bio

Cold and healthy soup made with fresh and organic vegetables from the region of Murcia. It is handmade in Murcia with tomato, pepper, cucumber, garlic, wine vinegar, salt and organic extra virgin olive oil @lejardindevanessa. All the flavours of Spain in the same dish. It is an explosion of flavours. Give yourself a treat and [...]

Salmorejo Bio

Salmorejo is a Spanish speciality made with fresh organic tomatoes, organic garlic, organic wine vinegar, organic salt and 7% of organic extra virgin olive oil @lejardindevanessa. For more delicacies, add an organic hard-boiled egg and some shavings of organic serrano ham to your organic salmorejo. Enjoy it !

Cornicabra Bio for Chocolate Cake

The organic extra virgin olive oil "Cornicabra" is powerful with intense fruitiness and toasted notes. Its strong medium intensity is perfect for mixed salads, pasta and potatoes. Suprise with a chocolate cake made with the Organic Cornicabra "Le Jardin de Vanessa". A bit of sweetness and surprise. (recipe available on our Facebook page and by [...]

Arbequina Bio & Quiche

The organic extra virgin olive oil "Arbequina" is a sweet and fresh oil with notes of brioche bread. Its balance is perfect. It is ideal for making pastries and cakes and to personalize and flavor yours marinades. It will be divine with the traditional "Pan Tomatoes" and the gazpacho. Innovate and make the pastry of [...]