Premium MADAME & Grilled Peppers

The recipe we propose today is universal, it is made both in Spain and France, and give them a personal touch with spices. We show it to you?

-Red bell pepper
-Organic Premium Oil “Madam
-Spices (according to taste)

Wash the peppers whole and without pitting them, put them in the oven with the tomatoes.
Bake for one hour (we turn them halfway through) at 180º.
Take them out and put them in a container and cover them with aluminum foil until they have cooled.
Remove the skin from the peppers and cut them. Put them in a bowl with the tomatoes and sprinkle them generously with “Madame” Premium Organic Oil to enhance their flavor and reduce the bitterness of the oven. Add salt and a few spices to taste.
Do you like it?

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