Arbequina Bio & Veal carpaccio

Do you want a dish that is easy to prepare, but exquisite to the palate?

We show you how to make a delicious carpaccio with one of the most tender parts of Veal, the sirloin, accompanied and enriched with Arbequina Bio “Le Jardin de Vanessa”.
This recipe is ideal to prepare for special occasions.
A preparation that is very simple to prepare and that serves both as a starter and as a main dish.

Let’s get to the kitchen!

️-Thinly sliced beef tenderloin.
-Red onions
-zest of 1/2 organic lemon
-Arbequina Bio “Le Jardin de Vanessa”
️-Parmesan cheese
️-Salt flakes

️Cut the radish into thin slices and the onion into strips.
️Place the sirloin covering the entire surface of the dish.
️Then, we place the arugula, radish, onion, and parmesan.
️We finish with the lemon zest, a good splash of Arbequina Bio and salt flakes.
️It is important that this dish is served cold, so the ingredients should be in the refrigerator beforehand.

️And now it is time to enjoy this delicacy.