Arbequina Bio & Scrambled eggs with foie gras and truffles

Scrambled eggs with foie and truffle!

The tender potato, the foie with its intense flavor and that fat that envelops your mouth, flavored by the memories of earth that evokes the truffle and our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Arbequina that combines beautifully with its floral bouquet.
We leave you the steps to follow so you can enjoy it at home.

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Arbequina

We begin by peeling and splitting the potatoes. In a frying pan add plenty of olive oil to cover the potatoes and fry them.
Once the potatoes are ready, remove them and proceed to cook the fried eggs in the same pan.
Meanwhile we cut the foie and cook it in the oven at 180º for 1-2 minutes.
On a plate place the potatoes as a base, the egg on top, the foie on top and finally grate the truffle and add a drizzle of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Arbequina.

Don’t forget the loaf of bread to sop the egg yolk with our oil!