Picual Bio for Cream of cauliflower with braised ham

Good morning, we propose a very quick, economical, and delicious cauliflower recipe with the aromatic touch of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Picual "Le Jardin de Vanessa".

Picual Bio offers a fresh and unique flavor with a delicious herbaceous aroma.
In the mouth, we have an explosive taste at the beginning, and then elegance and lettuce notes predominate. Very pleasant sensation!
The Picual Bio is perfect for the preparation of vegetable dishes.
Cheer up and prepare it and enjoy it with a good plate of food.
It is a very simple and tasty recipe.

-1 cauliflower
-1 onion
-2000ml milk
-Sweet paprika
-Braised ham
-Picual Bio “ Le Jardin de Vanessa”

First: we wash, cut the cauliflower and the onion.
We add a splash of Picual Bio aove to the pan and cook the onion.
Then add the cauliflower, salt, and cover with water.
Leave on the heat for about 20 minutes. When the cauliflower is cooked, remove it, and reserve the cooking water.
In a bowl, put the cauliflower and the milk together and blend until you get the texture you like. If you prefer it more liquid, add the cooking water little by little.
Add the nutmeg, the sweet paprika and mix.
Serve on a plate, finishing by adding the pieces of braised ham and a drizzle of Le Jardin de Vanessa’s Picual Bio.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!