Cornicabra Bio & Codfish

New recipe as simple and exquisite as our organic extra virgin olive oil of cornicabra variety.
With fruity nuances, this variety of oil is used to enhance the flavor of the dishes giving it that sweet touch that combines very well with the onion.
And now the recipe, which I know you are waiting for, is very simple.

-cod loin.
-organic Cornicabra Extra Virgin Oliva Oil
-White wine.

Cut the onion and poach it with plenty of LJDV extra virgin olive oil.
Add the cod and fry it just turn and turn, so that it gets colored.
Add half a glass of white wine and let it evaporate.

Easy, fast and exquisite. It won’t take you long to eat it. We have accompanied it with potatoes a lo pobre, but it is only one option.

Do you like it?

  • The organic extra virgin olive oil “Cornicabra” is powerful with intense fruitiness and toasted notes. Its strong medium intensity is perfect for mixed salads, pasta and potatoes. Suprise with a chocolate cake made with the Organic Cornicabra “Le Jardin de Vanessa”. A bit of sweetness and surprise.
  • (recipe available on our Facebook page and by email )