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Discover “Le Jardin de Vanessa”, a gourmet selection born essentially from Murcia.


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Miss Tonic SL

This is the beginning of the story with a specialisation in quality citrus fruits and close partnerships with specialists in extra quality fruit and vegetables.

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Battered hake and baked peppers and Picual Selection

Want to get a perfect batter? Follow these steps to prepare battered hake and baked peppers. Ingredients: 4 thin green peppers 4 hake fillets 2 eggs Flour Salt Picual Selection   Preparation of the peppers: First, we wash the peppers, add a little “Picual Selection” in a bowl and place them in this. Then we [...]

Salad and Ocal Selection

Today we are having a green salad The ingredients we have chosen make it very tasty: the unctuous avocado, the cucumber that refreshes, the cilantro flavors, the prawns that give that sea flavor and finally our Extra Virgin Olive oil  “Ocal Selection” ideal to accompany these flavors and enhance them. Write down what you need [...]

Mashed Potatoes with Gourmet Truffle Evoo

📄INGREDIENTS :📄 - Potatoes - Cold butter - milk - Water with salt - Gourmet Olive Oil with Black Truffle 🍴PREPARATION:🍴 - Boil the potatoes for 30 minutes in salted water. - Peel and mash the potatoes. - Heat the mash for 5 minutes to remove the moisture. - Mix with the cold butter cubes [...]