Olive Dips *Olivadas Gourmet*

Our Olive Dips, Olivadas de Aceitunas Negras or Olivadas de Aceitunas Verdes, can not miss in all your appetizers, will provide an authentic experience, will give you plenty of ideas to combine.

Prepared in a traditional way using high quality olives *Manzanilla*, they will provide you with a delicious flavor as well as the great health benefits of olives.

The flavor is intense, that of a black olive but without the stone. Here are some ideas for combinations:

– Dressing on a pasta salad.

– Pepperoni, cheese, tomato and onion wrap.

– Mix it with tomato on a pizza.

– Tenderloin sandwich with caramelized onion and olive paste and tomato.

– In an onion focaccia

– Piquillo peppers stuffed with olive paste

– Toast with avocado slices

– Anchovy canapé with olive paste

– Canapé Tomato, feta cheese, eggplant cream and olivada.

  – Canapé with creamy goat cheese with olives and sunflower seeds

 – Canapé of tuna with olives and tomato jam.

– Canapé with quail egg.

Undoubtedly, once you try it you won’t be able to stop innovating. 

Surely there are more, tell us about them!

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