Organic Extra Virgin Olives Oils

Le Jardin de Vanessa has three varieties of organic extra virgin olive oil, the BIO series.

The advantages of organic EVOO over conventional ones is that they do not damage the ecosystem, reducing the environmental impact, which is something very important and necessary nowadays. In its elaboration process, the contamination caused is reduced to a minimum.

They come from a natural cultivation, not resorting to the use of pesticides or chemical products to take care of the olive trees. Nor are they used to boost the tree’s productivity.

They are environmentally friendly since organic EVOO is sustainable from cultivation to extraction and bottling. They are an excellent return to traditional cultivation.

There is no loss of flavor or quality, its characteristics and benefits remain intact, it will continue to be a perfect natural antioxidant.

Extra virgin olive oils are excellent foods, they have iron and vitamin E, they are a source of linoleic acid, they have a high content of oleic acid and antioxidants, they contain monounsaturated fats and have vitamins associated with it (A, D and K).

They provide many health benefits, such as:

Helps control the amount of glucose in the blood.
It favors the immune system.
Serves as a natural anti-inflammatory.
Prevents cardiovascular diseases.
It is recommended to prevent cognitive deterioration.

The varieties of the organic range of Le Jardin de Vanessa offer multiple alternatives for its use, they differ in intensity and flavor and each single variety has different applications.

Organic Cornicabra EVOO has an intense and powerful flavor, giving a unique aroma to all your dishes. It has an intense golden color and in the mouth it presents itself as explosive and elegant, it has a flavor of fresh grass, green leaf, green almond and artichoke; all this makes it ideal for simmered meat dishes, omelette, grilled vegetables, potatoes and pasta. Another ideal way is to incorporate it in desserts with chocolate, it will give it a unique and special touch.

Its consumption is recommended raw. It has a medium-high flavor.

Organic Arbequina EVOO is tasty and has a smooth sensation on the palate. Its color is golden, in the mouth it presents notes of apple and almonds and has an intense floral flavor with light notes of green apple and green almond. Its intensity is medium. It is ideal for boiled dishes, tomato dishes, gazpachos, carpaccios, etc. It will give an ideal touch to desserts and its consumption is recommended raw.

The last variety of organic EVOO is Picual, which has a fresh flavor and herbaceous aroma. It has a very pleasant sensation on the palate. Its color is emerald green and in the mouth it has an explosive flavor at the beginning that becomes elegant, presenting small notes of lettuce. It shows a taste of fresh tomato plant, green leaf, green tomato, thyme and olive branch. Its intensity is medium. It is ideal for mixed salads, fried vegetables, sauces, fish and seafood. It is recommended raw and for cooking.

Now that you know them all, you just have to decide which one to try first.